10 Easy-To-Grow Vegetables For Beginner Gardener



lettuce plant

When you start gardening for the first time, it is best to start with something simple: here is a list of vegetables that you can easily grow in your garden.

Lettuce: for your summer salads

Essential in our menus, lettuce is the most consumed food, as well as tomatoes and carrots. In the garden, it comes in two types. On the one hand, we have the lettuce to be cut, which is harvested by cutting the leaves. This variety is appreciated for its rapid growth. Then, on the other hand, there is head lettuce that is shaped like a classic ball.

Carrot: the must-have vegetable garden

This is ideal when you start gardening for the first time. From April to June, the seeds are sown. Sow clear, the seeds do not need to be completely covered. Watering in fine rain is enough. Sunny exposure and fresh, rich and loose soil are necessary for its good development.

Bean: easy to grow

The green bean is appreciable provided you do not wait too long to pick it. There are two choices: Dwarf Beans that do not require a guardian, or Climbing Beans that give you more floor space. Concerning the variety, favor the tender green beans and deprived of son. This vegetable has a preference for rich, light soils with plenty of watering.

Spinach: to gain strength

Iron-rich spinach is just a Popeye legend! But spinach is perfect to start your garden even if they are a little demanding. They only like clay and cool soils that are well packed. Sowing is done from August to October and harvests from October to April.

Radish: a quick shoot

If there is a vegetable champion of fast growth, it is certainly radish. To harvest "18 days" after sowing, theoretically, it can be sown from mid-February under cover and then regularly to spread the crops. It likes on composted and light grounds with regular watering.

Tomatoes: a touch of color


Although it is quite delicate to grow compared to the other vegetables of this selection, the tomato remains an unavoidable food in our plates, so to privilege in your vegetable garden. It should ideally be grown on fresh soil, rich in humus and light. The plantations are done at the end of the risk of frost and the harvest from July to October.

Potato: for gourmet recipes

Simple to grow while being easy to cook as well, the potato is a highly prized dish: the proof, we consume 35 kilos / person / year in the Hexagon. But you need space to be able to cultivate it. The potato also needs sunshine as well as rich, deep and loose soil. To be sown between March and April.

Chives: essential aromatic

Even if you do not have a green thumb, planting chives will be a breeze. The plan is in the early spring. There is no need to sow the perennial each year.

The shallot: give flavor to your dishes

Difficult to make tasty dishes without shallots. These are harvested mostly between June and July.


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