Why And How To Use A Garden Greenhouse In The Garden?




The usefulness of a garden greenhouse

Protected from climatic hazards and warm, your vegetables are likely to grow optimally in a greenhouse. For small vegetable gardens, there are other easy solutions to put in place.

Tunnels, mini-greenhouses, bells... it's up to you!

Protections for the first frost

As early as the fall, the greenhouse is very useful for wintering non-hardy plants in pots, but also for sheltering summer cuttings, recently transplanted fruit bushes or for planting biennials. Your crops are thus protected from cold, heavy rains and wind, while preserving a good brightness necessary for their growth. Be careful some plants do not support the negative temperatures, think then to equip your greenhouse of a heating or to isolate the walls with paper with bubbles.

If your budget or the lack of time do not allow you to install a large greenhouse, think of the accordion tunnel greenhouse very quick to set up, convenient to extend the growing season and protect the latest vegetables in the kitchen garden and your autumn seedlings from bad weather. They will be well sheltered throughout the winter!

Looking forward to the beautiful days

In early spring the greenhouse is in great demand for early planting. The seedlings have enough time to grow under cover before being permanently installed in the garden. This method also has the advantage of advancing the harvest date. Again, if you are not lucky enough to own a large greenhouse, opt for a mini greenhouse that you can install in your home in a very bright location. It is ideal for sprouting zucchini, melons, eggplants and tomatoes, the star vegetables of summer.

Outside, forcing tunnels reinforce seedlings and provide valuable degrees while protecting them from spring cold, rain and pests. They are ideal for vegetables sown in rows, planks or on seedlings.

For seedlings in pits, or to preserve young plants just installed, think garden bells, very easy to remove on sunny days, they take their place in the evening to protect your crops effectively. Salads, tomatoes and melons benefit from constant warmth and hygrometry to harmoniously grow while the temperatures stabilize and the sun is powerful enough to warm the garden sustainably.

All these protections must be well ventilated. Remember to open the greenhouse, mini greenhouse, tunnel and bell to ensure good ventilation and temperature regulation during hot weather.

Once in place in the kitchen garden, think of laserre tomato which is very convenient to fight against the weather and help fruit ripening.

Did you know ?

Foam adhesive tapes are available to both protect your tarpaulin from friction and heat in the hoops, and to reduce temperature variations in the greenhouse.

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Photo caption: The accordion tunnel greenhouse is the ideal equipment in the garden to protect vegetables, in all seasons.


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