Azaleas: Treat Them Well




The azalea, whether used indoors or outdoors, enchants early in the spring.

In summary, what you need to know:

Name: Rhododendron
Family: Ericacées
Type: Shrub

: 50 to 120 cm
Exposure: Partial shadow and shadow
Ground: Acid, heather earth

: Persistent
Flowering: April May

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The maintenance, from the plantation to the size through the watering should allow you to have beautiful flowers.

Planting the azalea:

It is important to not too much to expose the azalea to the sun and preferably choose a partially shaded place.

  • Azalea needs moorland to grow
  • The soil must be well drained because it is a shrub that hates stagnant water
  • Follow the advice of planting of heather plants

In order to have a spectacular flowering, do not hesitate to add somefertilizer for heather plants.

Maintenance of an indoor azalea:

The indoor azalea which, in general, flowers during the winter is a plant that has been forced, that is to say that we accelerated its development to flower earlier.

Azalea is not not really a houseplant and fear the cold as much as the heating of our interiors.

The rules of cultivation to follow for keep your azalea within:

  • Install the azalea in a place where the temperature does not exceed 15° C and do not go below 10° C.
  • Give him some light but no direct sun.
  • Water when the soil is dry, without excess, so as not to not flood the roots that could rot.

Indoor azalea after flowering:

It is unfortunately not easy to keep a plant that has been forced because its life cycle has been disrupted.

But we can nevertheless try because it can also work very well.

For that,

  • Remove the faded flowers from your azalea as you go.
  • Place your potted azalea in a cool room, ideally around 10-15°.
  • Stop all watering until the first leaves fall, it lasts about 1 month.
  • It will be time to repot your azalea in the heather earth or plant it in your garden if any risk of frost is discarded.

Although the azalea flowers normally in the spring, it should not bloom immediately if it has already bloomed in the winter.

Outdoor azalea size:

No size is really necessary but it may be necessary, if only to reduce or balance the antlers.

Start by removing faded flowers as and when to promote the appearance of new flower buds.

Training size:

Formation size occurs during the first 2 or 3 years of azalea on young shoots and is intended to promote branching.

  • Pinch the new shoots with the nails, just above a leaf.
  • Renew the operation regularly so as to create as many new branches as possible.
  • This size has the disadvantage of altering the flowering of the azalea but it will make it denser, more robust and more floriferous for the following years.

Cut the azalea to reduce or balance the antlers:

The azalea can be carved throughout its life even if it is recommended to cut the minimum to keep a beautiful flowering each year and a natural form.

  • Start by removing dead, fragile wood and branches with little or no leaves.
  • Once the flowers are faded, trim just below the peduncle.
  • To reduce the length of branches, wait until the end of flowering.
  • Be careful, a severe size of your azalea compromises the next flowering.

To know about the cultivation of azalea:

This shrub is actually a rhododendron with small flowers, remarkable in early spring for its beautiful colorful and vibrant flowering.

The azalea forms a pretty ball that highlights a generous bloom and the dark green of its leaves.

It is part of the heathland plants as the camellia.

Smart advice about azalea:

To stimulate the development of the shrub, mulch the foot of the tree to maintain moisture.

Preferably choose an acid mulch such as bark of maritime pine.


Video: How to care for Azaleas.


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