Wild Garlic (Allium Ursinum): Therapeutic Virtues In The Wild



Thewild garlic (Allium ursinum) grows wild, so it is easy to get, maybe in your garden, without your knowledge, who knows? Look in your undergrowth where she likes to grow in broad flowerbeds because of the shade and freshness. To recognize it, it's quite easy: when you crunch its long dark green lanceolate leaves, a characteristic smell of garlic emerges that is not at all confusing and you will avoid confusing it with any other plant such as lily of the valley (Convallarla majalis) or crocuses for example. In addition, before the summer, it is adorned with small white flowers umbel.

Growing wild garlic in the garden

Wild garlic is hardy: although its foliage is deciduous, it will grow from one year to the next from its bulbs remaining in the ground.

Its name of "garlic des ours" comes from the fact that the bears devoured it after the winter, as soon as the young shoots appear in April. Its therapeutic and culinary virtues were exploited before the Middle Ages, period during which it was attributed magical powers, in the practice of white magic. Depurative, deworming, digestive, hypotensive, and even slimming, wild garlic is also a source of vitamins C, magnesium and iron.

  • Family: lily
  • Type: perennial
  • Origin: Asia, Europe
  • Color: White flowers
  • sowing: Yes
  • cutting: yes by tuft division
  • Planting:autumn
  • Flowering: may June
  • Height: up to 50 cm

Soil and ideal exposure for planting bear's garlic in the garden

Wild garlic grows in the wild, in the undergrowth, near streams and rivers, in the shade, cool.

Date of sowing, planting of wild garlic

The sowing is done in July if you recover seeds of wild plants: you will be able to have some in your garden. You can also split tufts of wild plants when the foliage has faded, which you will plant in your garden in the fall.

Advice for the care and cultivation of wild garlic

An easy plant that does not require any special maintenance unless the chosen location is not cool enough and needs more water.

Harvesting, conservation and use of wild garlic

Wild garlic is harvested between April and May, that is to say until the appearance of flowers, according to the needs. To preserve it, it is possible to put it in olive oil, or to mix it with butter that you will be able to freeze in portions.

In the kitchen, wild garlic will replace chives in faisselle blanc faisselle with salt and pepper.

wild garlic in the kitchen

Diseases, pests and parasites of wild garlic

Nothing in particular.

Location and favorable association of wild garlic

It is a plant that is grown in the undergrowth.

The garlic of the bears is known under its kind-type to know theAllium ursinum.


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