Cherry Tree: An Easy And Generous Fruit Tree




The cherry tree is one of the most common fruit trees in our orchards.

In summary, what you need to know:

Name: Prunus cerasus
Family: Rosaceae
Type: Tree orchard

6 to 15 m
Exposure: Sunny
Ground: Ordinary

: Caduc
Flowering: April _ Harvest: May to July according to the varieties

The planting, the maintenance and the size are so many gestures that will allow you to have a beautiful crop of cherries.

Plant a cherry tree well:

The cherry plantation is an important step because, well done, it promotes the proper growth of your fruit tree, the fruiting cherry and therefore the harvest of cherries.

At best it will be planted and at most it will produce beautiful cherries quickly.

  • It is strongly recommended to plant the cherry tree in autumn to promote rooting.
  • A sunny situation is essential to produce cherries.
  • The plantation in spring is also quite possible, but subject to watering a little more in the first year after planting.
  • Choose grafted cherry trees to give fruit.
  • Check out our planting tips.

Cherry size:

This is a controversial topic because the Cherry size tends to weaken the tree and also becomes a source of many diseases.

It is however sometimes necessary to cut if the cherry tree becomes too big or that certain branches become too fragile.

  • The cherry tree poorly supporting the waist, it must be reduced to the strict minimum.
    Remove dead, fragile or broken branches.
  • If a branch breaks, immediately apply a healing sealant on the wound.
    The healing mastic prevents the appearance of diseases and fungi.
  • If you have a cherry tree too big, cut it in August or September and protect it immediately with a healing sealant.

Pests and diseases of the cherry tree:

The cherry tree is a fruit tree considered sensitive. It should therefore be pruned as little as possible because each size is a source of entry for mushrooms in particular.

  • Cherry fruit fly :Cherries are attacked by fly larvae and holes form in cherries.
  • Aphids : The leaves of the cherry tree curl and lose their original color, they turn yellow or discolour.
  • Mealybugs: White or rosy cluster with farinaceous aspect forms on branches and leaves
  • Monilia: cherries rot on the tree.

Cherry, cherries and birds:

Watch out for the damage that can be done by birds in the cherry tree.

They can deprive you of your cherry harvest in just a few days.

  • The ideal is to use a safety net against the birds that one buys in specialized store.
  • They can be deterred by installing aluminum sheets or old CDs on the branches.
    But the birds quickly become familiar with this kind of stratagem...

Cherry varieties:


If you are planting several cherry trees, mix the varieties to stimulate pollination and therefore fruiting.

If you only plant one, choose one so-called self-fertile variety as the bigarreau summit where the bigarreau sweetheart for your desserts and preserves.

The bigarreau cherry is a sure value among cherry trees. Among the bigarreau retain the best known as the cherry Burlat, Heart of pigeon or big Heart, Esperen, Hedelfingen, Napoleon, Rainier, Reverchon, Stark Hardy Giant, Summit, or Van.

It is essential to plant a autofertile variety when there is only one cherry tree because otherwise you will not have cherries.

You can also choose cherry tree of Montmorency, its fruits will allow you to make delicious clafoutis which will astonish and delight your children as your guests.

To know about the cherry tree:

A must in our gardens when you want to put fruit or create an orchard, the cherry tree presents many advantages.

He has one beautiful bloom late that stimulates fruiting.

Cherry cherries to eat are fleshy, sweet and rich in vitamin C. But among the many varieties, there are cherry trees giving fruit sometimes very acidic, large and more or less sweet.

It adapts practically to all climates and requires little maintenance or special watering.

Smart advice about the cherry tree:

Cherry growing is easy, take the opportunity to try one of ourdelicious recipes based on cherries.


Video: Young and old fruit tree care, pruning and tips!.


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