Soilless Cultivation On Coconut Fiber



Soilless cultivation on coconut fiber

The coconut fiber comes from the coconut wad. It is used for geotextile, filtering, drainage, quilting, automobile upholstery and for aboveground cultivation.

Totally natural substrate. Offering an excellent biological alternative to rockwool, it can be handled without care. Coconut provides good aeration and water retention, allowing the roots to breathe and absorb the moisture they need.

Coconut fiber is available in different forms:

  • starting plugs,
  • brick bread,
  • bulk
  • cube.

The many positive points:

  • EC level less than 0.4 mS / cm,
  • an ideal pH level of 5.8,
  • excellent root development,
  • the coconut fiber does not compact: it remains perfectly draining,
  • lightness: 85 kg / m3 (potting mix: 125 kg / m3),
  • high water retention capacity,
  • the yield obtained with the Coco substrate is often higher than that of other substrates,
  • the substrate is carefully rinsed and treated against diseases and parasites,
  • Can be reused several times in a row, in hydroponics as well as in soil and recycles in any compost, or in the soil where it will eventually degrade gently.

Video: Coco Coir Grow Media Hydroponics 101.


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