To Cut A Fig Tree: When And How?



Every year, you go to friends' house to pick up figs and make cakes, cooking and jams. Their fig tree (Ficus carica) is magnificent, gigantic and full of fruits. Why not make a cut to install one at home? It's very easy, here is the technique to cut a fig tree successfully.

To cut a fig tree: when and how?

When to make fig tree cuttings?

The fig cuttings are made from early April until early summer, that is to say in April, May and June. During this season, the young wood is in full growth so conducive to know a good recovery. Check on the lunar calendar that you are in a rising moon phase, favorable to good rooting.

Above all, it is important to disinfect your pruner with 90° alcohol to prevent any spread of disease.

How to make the fig cut?

Prepare a large enough pot by filling it with gravel at the bottom on which you will deposit a mix of compost / compost / sand in equal parts.

You need to cut a twig of the year, which is still green while starting to firm up without being transformed into wood. This branch will have 3 or 4 pairs of leaves and you will cut under one eye.

Fig cut

Remove the leaves from the base so that they do not rot in the soil and cut the remaining leaves of the branch in half to limit evaporation or remove them altogether. Pinch the head of the twig.

Make a hole with a piece of wood in the pot substrate and insert the cuttings. Tamp around and water. Keep the pot under cold frame. Avoid placing it under a bell or under a plastic bag upside down on the pot, as you may favor the development of fungal diseases for lack of aeration.

Be sure to keep the soil moist and wait until you see signs of growth and recovery, both in the leaves and shoots, but also in the roots. Do not be too eager to repot. Generally, this is done the following fall.

To multiply your chances made in several in case some perish. If they all succeed, you can share by giving them!


Video: How and Why to Prune Fig Trees.


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