Do You Know The Cacti Zizis?



cactus zizi

The cactus zizi of its real name Trichocereus bridgessi Mostruosa is also called cactus penis.

Zizis cactus: an anomaly of nature

cactus zizi at tropical park park

They are unveiled in the open. Their story goes back 44 years. Mr. Gicquel, founder of Tropical Parc, a nurseryman by trade, had planted seeds of Trichosecerus bridgesii of normal form. But on these cacti columns, no punches! In fact, these cacti gave "short stem sections forming a weak thorny shrub", but the upper part of the plant pushed all smooth and without thorns, reminiscent of a human penis.

In the same register: always in the radius of cactuses that do not really look like cacti, discover the schlumbergera or Christmas cactus, a rather easy maintenance plant.

These cacti need sun, but beware of the risk of burns when the rays are too hot in summer. As you get older, these light green and wrinkled blue cacti. In Germany, they are called Frauenglück "women's joy".

Funny cacti

weird cactus

Who walks in the Tropical Park is not at the end of its surprises because there is a whole collection of cactus shapes and look odd to discover. The Bear Ears Cactus, the Plume Cactus and the Bishop's Cactus (Astrophytum myriostigma).

Discover the easy-to-grow cacti

Here are 5 cacti to bloom without worries:
Rebutia, Chamaecereus, Mammillaria, Gymnocalycium, Astrophytum.

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