How To Grow Mushrooms




Yum! Good mushrooms. These are grown at home and will be eaten as soon as harvested.

Prepare the ground for your mushrooms!

Kit to make your mushrooms

1. I receive:Go get in garden or order in mail order these kits of mushrooms loans à employment. They usually provide trough of culture (here, a kind of polystyrene fishbox) and it is strongly recommended to keep these bins.
2. I fill in: Pour the contents of the sachet of spawn (the "mushroom roots") with the material that will feed the mushrooms (wet straw). Spread in an even layer. Level the level with a claw.
3. I complete:Pour over special potting soilto cover the Straw and the White of mushrooms. Spread it in a homogeneous layer. do not use not of compost of the garden! This soil is enriched in clay in a special proportion. It is the land of casing, essential to bring out the mushrooms.

Grow and harvest!

Kits to grow your mushrooms

4. I equalize: Level the level by hand, with a light gesture, without tamp. Check at the same timehumidity casing soil. She must be fresh but not wet, nor dry either. Remember to cover the edges of the substratum (straw with filaments), which dries faster than the center.
5. I water:Spray with non-hard water (rainwater) if the surface of the earth is dry and powdery. The substrate underneath must also remain moist but should not be soggy, otherwise the crop would be lost. moisten so, but not excessively! The bin provided does not have a drainage hole.
6. I harvest: Cover and place the crate in a in law little luminous (but not in the dark), ideally between 12° C and 18° C. Check your culture every three days for possible drying out. The first mushrooms appear after three weeks.

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