How To Plant Tomatoes In 6 Steps



Hole for planting tomatoes

Nettle leaves to boost the tomato plants initially.

2. I take the plant out of its pot taking care not to hurt the big roots. Plunging the pots in a bucket for an hour beforehand makes the operation easier. I'm careful not to break the rod or bend it!

Potted tomato plant

Gently remove each tomato plant from its pot.

3. I put the base of the stem by laying it in the bottom of the hole, in order to bury half of it, by removing the leaves beforehand. The rooting will be much better. I rebouch immediately, holding the plant with one hand.

Tomato stem in a hole

Lay the base of the stem of the tomato plant.

4. I water generously, at the mouth of the watering can, without wetting the foliage. The water makes the soil stick to the roots, preventing me from compacting the soil by hand. In dry land, I put a bowl around the foot: it will retain better water.

Watering a tomato plant

Water the tomato plants well at the time of planting

5. I protect the plant by placing a tile to the north against cool mornings. The last frosts can occur until the end of May in altitude (more than 800 m) and sometimes even in region with a climate of plain: be careful not to plant too early!

Tomato plant with a tile

Protect tomato plants with a tile.

6. I attach the plant as and when, from the plantation if the stem is long. The link should not squeeze the rod against the guardian, but just prevent it from spreading. For straight stems, a link is sufficient every 25 cm.

Link around a tomato plant

Attach the stem of the tomato plant to a guardian.


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