How To Keep Mosquitoes Away By Using Plants?



How to keep mosquitoes away?

Nothing is more unpleasant than being quietly installed on the terrace with friends and being bitten by mosquitoes: the drink can quickly be ruined!

Avoid the presence of mosquitoes

To prevent mosquitoes from being attracted to your terrace, it is necessary, at all costs, to avoid that water stagnates in saucers of pots of flowers, in old basins which drag. No predator will eat them in these places. You must also cover your recovery tank with rainwater.

Repellent plants against mosquitoes

Plant some aromatictheir strong smell will act as a mosquito repellent. Basil, sage but also lavender, lemongrass or geranium for example will be very effective as anti-mosquito plants.

Mosquitoes do not support the smell of tomatoes so do not hesitate to plant cherry tomatoes in bins to enjoy peacefully your terrace and combine business with pleasure!

If you have a pond, put it there frogsincluding tree frogs, they will make mosquito feasts.

From essential oils, that of lemon eucalyptus in diffuser or mixed with a neutral oil to coat your arms and legs, will prevent mosquitoes from biting you.


Video: 8 Plants That Repel Mosquitoes and Other Insects Naturally.


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