The Main Autumn Works In The Garden



September is here, the night freshness begin to be felt, the days are short, the fog appears: the autumn, this period of the year which spreads between September 21st and December 21st, will not wait any longer and fruit picking begins. They can be kept in cartons or crates in a place protected from light and cold.

autumn in the garden

Clean the orchard in the fall

When the harvest is over, clean your orchard, collect dead leaves and rotting fruit, and compost them unless there are diseases. Bring thinning and deadwood removal to large trees and protect younger rabbits with toasting. Do not forget to hoe the soil around the massive shrubs and mulch those who are most sensitive to the cold. If you plan to plant fruit, do not wait for the frost to do so and remember that at Saint Catherine, all wood takes root!

Complete the fall harvest in the kitchen garden

Harvests of certain vegetables such as certain cucurbits also begin in September. Collecting finished, prepare them for storage. Freeze those who are ready to keep them fresh and keep the vitamins. When the last ones are collected, cut the herbs on the floor and clean and prepare the soil for the next season.

harvest of pumpkins in autumn

Anticipate the upcoming flowering in autumn

As for the flowers, it's time to pick the ones that can be dried. You can make beautiful bouquets for later. Your potted plants require some special care. Fortify them by adding a little fertilizer to the water when you water them. The less resistant will be replaced before the first frosts, remember to protect them with dry leaves by ensuring that they can breathe. Thorough cleaning is necessary to allow the garden to keep its beauty as long as possible. Take care of winter sowing without delay.

About rosebushes, these are best on well prepared soil and they will usually be planted very deep. Their maintenance must be done permanently. For bulb plants, it's time to plant them now. The bulbs of the summer are dried and preserved. Maintain your hedges, trim them.

Sowing grass in the fall

You can make compost by mowing and grinding the removed parts. This is the best time to sow grass if you want to do it. Your lawn should in no way be neglected. Mowing is necessary before bad weather, clean up dead leaves. If it is in poor condition, it is better to grow another lawn but do it while the soil is still hot and the rain is sufficient.

raking dead leaves on the lawn

Maintain the pond and nesting boxes in the fall

Give some of your time to your water garden. Think especially of fish. They need a food supplement to be able to spend the winter. A fine-meshed net is essential for collecting dead leaves before they kill fish by decomposing in water. Take care of water lilies so they do not infest your pond.

Do not forget the birds either. Check their feeders, clean the nest boxes, stock up on fats and seeds to feed them by November. The aim of this autumn work is to help you make the most of the beauty of nature before bad weather and, above all, to better face the harshness of winter.


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