Plant A Bare-Rooted Shrub



Bare root planting

The bare roots should be "praline" before planting: this is the only constraint.


  • Congestion: It is particularly small: we have a whole grove in a car trunk and more, it weighs nothing!
  • The price: no pot, no root, the bare-rooted subject does not cost much to produce and the label suffers.
  • Size: large subjects are easier to find bare-rooted than in containers or clumps, except to cost a fortune.

The inconvenients

  • The plantation: it is a little longer than a shrub in pot because it is necessary to prepare the praline and the roots.
  • Recovery: if the subject is not well watered in the year that follows, he may suffer a little, left to himself.
  • The availability: only broadleaved trees are found in this form (ie neither evergreen nor conifers), and only in autumn and especially in the nearby nurseries (the real ones).

Two essential gestures

Cut the end of the roots

Cut off the end of the cracked or split roots. If you need to cut a lot, shorten the antlers to restore balance: one-third of roots at least two-thirds of branches.

Dipping the roots in a praline

Dip the roots in a praline (a mixture of commercial topping, to dilute with water). This step is imperative. Plant like a shrub in a mound, not to mention the guardian.


Video: How to plant bare root shrubs and trees.


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