Populus, A Giant Of The Garden



Populus (populus) in the garden

Poplar is a very impressive tree, both in height (30m high) and hardiness (-25° C). Its deciduous foliage is very refined with its finely serrated spade-shaped leaves. Very light green around, and dark green in the heart, their color is quite beautiful and gives a spring air to the garden.

Flowering occurs in spring in the form of pendent kittens that will eventually give birth to small capsules containing cottony seeds.

  • Family: Salicaceae
  • Type:tree
  • Origin: temperate regions of the northern hemisphere
  • Color: cream kittens
  • cutting: Yes
  • Planting: autumn
  • Flowering: spring
  • Height: up to 30m high

Soil and ideal exposure to plant a poplar in the garden

Poplar likes rich, fresh soils without stagnant moisture. A sunny exposure suits him perfectly.

Date of sowing, planting and cuttings of poplar

The simplest propagation method is on-site cuttings in the fall, but air layering is also possible. The plantation is practiced in autumn.

Board of maintenance and poplar cultivation

Straw and water during the early years of poplar. Treat regularly against cochineal.

Diseases, pests and parasites of poplars


Location and favorable association of poplar

Plant the poplar in isolation, in curtain or in alignment.

There are many species of poplar among which Populus alba 'Nivea' very refined with its white bark and its gray and white leaves on the back, Pupulus tremula called 'the aspen', for its foliage vibrating at the slightest breath of wind, or Populus trichocarpa which is adorned with a beautiful golden ornament in autumn, Populus nigra 'Italica', the famous poplar from Italy, from Iran!


Video: The Poplar Hawk-moth Laothoe populi - More footage.


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