Sowing Online




This method, one of the most widespread, is widely used for growing vegetables.

It is very easy to make and is particularly suitable for outdoor sowing, whether in place or in nursery.

Make a seeding online:

In order to best achieve your sowing in line, it is recommended to bring a serfouette to dig the furrows. The end of a handle may be suitable if you do not have one.

Online sowing consists of coming to deposit seeds in a homogeneous way in the hollow of a furrow more or less deep according to the species that you will cultivate. The depth may vary from 1 to 3 cm (it is estimated to be 2 to 3 times the diameter of the seed)

Tip about sowing online:

If you can, trace your furrows in the direction of the prevailing wind!

For the smaller seeds, the Gardener-Malin suggests mixing them with fine sand.

It will be even easier for you to distribute them homogeneously and without exaggeration in each path.


Video: Beginners Sewing Course - Day 1 - The Basics.


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