Sow From April To October To Harvest In Winter



To garden is to anticipate the sowing to harvest all the year. Winter is not the best season for gardening. However, many harvests can be done in winter if you have anticipated your planting in the spring so you can eat your production according to the rhythm of the seasons.

Can we really garden in winter?

In fact, if the planting was done well in the spring and summer depending on the vegetables, they will have reached a high level of growth at the beginning of winter. From then on, the rains will replace your watering, the mulching will avoid the beasts, the pests will hibernate a fortiori from the first frosts, so you will have little thing to do except to let them continue to grow very quietly before harvesting them.

vegetables to harvest in winter

You will have on your plate "fresh" vegetables which is important in terms of nutritional intake: for example, vitamin C, in winter, you will draw it in raw vegetables such as chicory, beets, celery, carrots... But you will also find magnesium, potassium, iron and other vitamins including B and E.

Which vegetables to sow in anticipation of winter?

In spring, between the end of April and the end of May, you can plant Jerusalem artichokes, and especially sow cabbages, celery, cardoon, leek, parsnip, salsify and scorsonera if you are amateurs.

At the beginning of the summer, from the end of June to the end of July, you will have to transplant your seedlings of celery, cabbage and leek, and then you will sow beets, carrots, chicory and cabbage if all their varieties make you want.

At the end of the summer, from the end of August to the end of October, you will sow chives, turnip, winter radish, arugula, spinach, parsley and lamb's lettuce.. This will also be the time to replant your recent cabbage and chicory seedlings.

No need to be discouraged by thinking that your garden is too small to grow all that much space will be released between May and October to leave you the surface to sow: exit onions, garlic, beans, corn, peas, early potato and place for winter sowing!

What maintenance for this winter vegetable garden?

 I prepare my winter kitchen garden Blaise Leclerc

In the fall, do not do big brushing because the auxiliaries useful for the winter need it for shelter or to hunt.

You will still need winter mulch effective down to -5° C only. If the frost were to last or be stronger, you will probably have to harvest to store in silo or cellar, or protect the plants by covering them with a polyethylene tunnel with hoops.

A very complete book will give you a lot of information on the timing of sowing and planting, the storage methods of each of the winter vegetables as well as all the appropriate techniques: it is about "I prepare my winter kitchen garden" by Blaise Leclerc, doctor of agronomy, expert at the Technical Institute of Organic Agriculture (ITAB) and specialist in the relations between agriculture and environment. (Editions Living Earth - March 18, 2016 - € 14).


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