Sowing Parsley: When And How?



Sowing parsley

Parsley is one of the best known aromatic plants and probably the most consumed. However, novice gardeners often complain of difficulties in lifting it up and then grow properly in their garden. Some tips can be useful...

When to sow parsley?

The flat or curly parsley is a biennial plant that sows between March and August, in a general way. If you sow it in March under glass, you will transplant it and you will be able to harvest it more quickly. Indeed, it takes 3 months between sowing and cutting to cook! From April you can sow it directly in place. The late summer sowing will allow you to have parsley during the winter.

It can last 2 years if you protect it from frost in winter: you can then recover seeds on the flower stalks that will rise. It will be guaranteed to have fresh seeds because it should be known that the germinability of parsley decreases rapidly. But you can also keep a foot or two mature so that the parsley springs up on the spot.

How to sow parsley?

Determine a sunny or semi-shady area that is moist, well-drained and well-amended with perfectly decomposed compost. Parsley will prefer a light soil. In pots, as parsley has a pivot root, plan a pot deep enough (at least 30 cm in height).

parsley seedling

To accelerate the emergence of parsley that can take up to 3 weeks, it is often recommended to soak the seeds overnight in a glass of warm water. To facilitate their handling at the time of sowing, you wipe them just before putting them in the ground.

Draw a barely visible furrow and deposit the seeds every 3 cm. Cover a maximum of one centimeter with fine earth or potting soil: the parsley seeds are tiny, they should not be sunk too deeply or you will lose them forever! Then, sprinkle with a light drizzle to prevent the earth from being dragged and to raise the seeds to the surface.

Space the rows 25 cm. When the plants have 3 or 4 leaves, you can lighten them by keeping only one foot every 10 cm. If you only have a few feet in a planter, keep 20 cm between each of them, otherwise they will not have enough food in this container.

Know that you will increase your chances of having a lush parsley that does not go to seed if you water it regularly without letting the soil dry out and sowing it on the "leaves" of the lunar calendar.


Video: how to grow parsley from seed, a trick I found to germinate parsley seeds.


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