Stairs: Shapes, Materials, Price Indications



The stairs are part of the house, as soon as there are several levels. Whether it is the construction of a new house or a renovation, the choice of the staircase requires a fine and careful reflection so that it can be integrated into the best housing in accordance with technical constraints, but also according to the decoration. Overview of different forms of stairs, different materials and their cost.

The different forms of stairs

Before considering the aesthetic aspect of your staircase, you must define its shape. The latter is essentially correlated to the constraints of the space where you want to install it.

stretcher right in a house

The straight staircase

The straight staircase is the most classic, the easiest to install and the most comfortable of the stairs. As the name suggests, it is straight, so without curves. Most often, he is against a wall. On the other hand, the straight staircase is the one that takes up the most space on the ground because of its slope which must not be too abrupt to leave a sufficient depth to the steps.

What price? Count between 1,000 and 13,000 euros depending on the material of the stairs.

The rotating staircase

The spiral staircase is as comfortable as a straight staircase. On the other hand, it has the advantage of being able to integrate better in a space with more difficult technical constraints, while saving space. There are two kinds of revolving stairs:

  • the 1/4 turn staircase, consisting of two parts. A rotating part that can be located at the foot or at the top of the stairs and a straight part.
  • the 2/4 turn staircase has a 180° angle and is composed of three parts. Two rotating parts at the bottom and a straight part at the top of the stairs.

What price? Count between 2,000 and 15,000 euros depending on the material of the stairs and the type of turning.

Stairs: shapes, materials, price indications

The spiral staircase

The spiral staircase is also called spiral staircase because of its spiral shape. It consists of a central axis around which the steps are arranged. This is the stairway shape that takes up the least space in a house. His footprint is indeed minimal. That's why it's used a lot for home renovations or expansions. The disadvantage of the spiral staircase, however, is its small width that does not allow, for example, two people to cross or maneuver furniture or equipment imposing. This type of staircase can be round in shape, and can be placed freely in a room, of square shape that can be installed against a wall or in the corner of a room.

What price? Count between 2,000 and 15,000 euros depending on the material of the stairs.

The suspended staircase

A suspended staircase fits particularly well in a room with a contemporary design. This is the most minimalist staircase, without risers, without slime (support piece where the steps are fixed). It is a light and airy staircase. For some, called floating stairs, they are simply steps attached to the wall, without adding any other room.

What price? Count between 8,000 and 15,000 euros depending on the material of the staircase.

The different materials of stairs

Once you have chosen the shape of your staircase, you will have to define its material. Here too, several choices are available to you.

The wooden staircase

Wood is the most classically used material for stairs. In addition to its aesthetic aspect, its ease of use allows a very good adaptation to the shape of the chosen staircase. It is also easy to install and its robustness is quite appropriate for a staircase. In contrast, a wooden staircase requires minimal maintenance and, over time, tends to work and make noise.

What price? Count between 800 and 8,000 euros depending on the shape of the stairs.

The metal staircase

Metal, stainless steel or steel are very popular materials for stairs. They adapt very well to modern styles and design, as well as more classic decorations. The main qualities of a metal staircase are its rigidity and resistance over time. The metal does not require any particular maintenance either. Its only drawback is to be on the other hand noisy and cold under the feet.

What price? Count between 2,000 and 10,000 euros depending on the shape of the stairs.

The concrete staircase

The concrete stairs are also very trendy. They fit perfectly into modern decorations.This material offers the possibility of opting for a very large number of forms of stairs, from the right to the round, through the spiral. A concrete staircase is foolproof and easy to maintain. In addition, its types of finish are innumerable, from smooth concrete to raw concrete, or sandblasted concrete.

What price? Count between 2,000 and 4,000 euros depending on the shape of the stairs.


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