Tomato Harvest From June To December



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Spread tomato harvest time by choosing early and late varieties in addition to your usual tomatoes. To find you there, the tomatoes are always followed, in the good catalogs, of a duration in days: it is the time of setting to fruit after transplanting (and not since the sowing).

Harvest tomatoes... at Christmas!

Christmas tomatoes are varieties that are sown directly in the ground in July-August. Taken in October, while their fruits are still green and immature, they are suspended in boots, head down, once cleared of their foliage. Sheltered from frost (in a barn for example), they will ripen at the beginning of winter, to be consumed until January. It's not worth the tomatoes of the summer, but for a salad off season, it's nice!

Thus the earliest varieties give 50 days after transplanting (harvest of tomatoes in June, having planted early May, with a little protection in cool climate). These varieties have either berries (and they are cherry tomatoes) or a specific port. Tomatoes with a determined port do not carve and do not stake because they do not exceed 60 cm high. Their size is quite small, from 100 to 150 g per fruit.

The bigger the fruit, the more late it is

The later varieties, for their part, give 100 days after transplanting in the ground, which reserves them for hot climates or for cultivation under shelter. These varieties have an indeterminate habit and can grow very high, sometimes up to more than 3 m! They require regular maintenance during the time before the fruit set.

In the "big tomato" series, discover the black tomato of Crimea! A variety straight from Eastern Europe.

They give bigger fruits, some exceeding 500 g. The bigger the tomatoes, the later they will be. For a harvest until the end of the season, tomatoes must receive full sun until autumn.

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A shelter... to hasten the harvest of the tomato

You can hasten the harvest by growing tomato plants under cover (a simple plastic tarpaulin, stretched over two or three stakes) before replanting in the ground, if you have a frame or a greenhouse. Replant the individual plants in a large pot and let them grow until the first flowers appear: you will have won two to three weeks, which is not to neglect!

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In the kitchen with Regal

  • Olivette tomatoes confit with oil and garlic

Video: Tomato Harvest September 2018.


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