The Top 6 Aromatic Plants



aromatic plants

They smell good, are easy to grow and useful in cooking.

In the garden, on the balcony or indoors, the aromatics are eaten fresh in summer, dried in winter.

The Basilic

The top 6 aromatic plants: Benefits

From May to October, we enjoy salads, pasta (pesto), pizzas and other pies with vegetables from the sun. To grow it, sow it in March or plant it in April, in a universal, cool and always moist soil. Basil enjoys sunny exposure and regular fertilizer intake. It grows very fast if the temperature does not drop below 15° C. Outside, cover it under a bell. For a truly bountiful harvest, shelter it in a veranda or behind a window of your kitchen. Finally, do not forget to regularly cut the flowers for the foliage to blossom. He also loves the company of tomatoes!

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The top 6 aromatic plants: soil

Mint is the other essential aromatic close to the kitchen, especially as its taste is increased tenfold when it is freshly picked. Tea, salad, sauce, ice cream... It perfumes a large number of dishes. It grows very well, it is even invasive. That's why it's better to isolate it, alone in a pot, unless you like carpet plants. Bonus: it is melliferous! At flowering, cut the flowers if you do not want it to be broken.

The best known are peppermint and spearmint but there are also Moroccan mint, orange mint and apple mint, among others.

These mints like a mid-shade location and a light, not too rich, well-drained soil.

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Lemon balm

The top 6 aromatic plants: Read

It looks like the spearmint, or even the nettle but... it smells lemon! Like mint, this perennial springs up naturally and is melliferous. Additional asset: it keeps mosquitoes away. There are also foliage "orange". Plant it in a light and cool soil, half shade, and cut it regularly according to your needs.

In the kitchen, cut a few leaves of lemon balm to prepare a digestive infusion or to decorate a fish dish.

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The top 6 aromatic plants: soil

Also called "Chinese or Arabian parsley", parsley can be grown in pots, planters or open fields. To sow from April to September in open ground, or even February under shelter, he likes a rich and airy land, slightly limestone and a rather sunny exposure. He is not afraid of cold or drought (keep his soil moist only during the first months of growth) even if he appreciates regular watering, observing the state of the earth.

A regular size allows him to expand.

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The top 6 aromatic plants: Read

If you like Indian and Asian cuisine, coriander (leaves and seeds) is a must. Rather rustic, this aromatic resists cold and likes to have a sandy soil, drained and moist, both rich and light, if possible next to dill plants and chervil. Sow throughout the summer in a sunny, wind-protected location. The harvest is from May to October. Plan immediately a large pot or a sufficient location because it needs to develop.

Be careful, she does not like to be moved or repotted. As for others, cut it as and when you need it.

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The top 6 aromatic plants: plants

Here is the typical southern aromatic!

He loves calcareous, sandy and well-drained soils and grows in full sun. Limit watering, except when planting.

It blooms from May to October, of several colors according to the varieties.

Use it in the kitchen to scent your dishes, and let it dry to prepare you, in winter, herbal tea very effective against colds!

Beyond these six aromatics, many others are appreciated by the French as chives, tarragon, sorrel, rosemary... It's up to you to garden according to your preferences!

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