What Varieties Of Strawberries To Plant In The Garden?



Strawberry varieties

Who does not like strawberries? Few people, especially as they are announcing the beautiful days. As a result, it's hard to imagine creating a kitchen garden without planning a strawberry board. Only, how to choose the best varieties among more than 600 existing?

When to plant strawberries?

Choose a sunny space as only sun-kissed fruit will be sweet and pleasantly scented. The soil must be rich, humus, well drained and rather acidic. Spread compost at about 5kg / m². Between flowering and fruit formation, it is imperative to have mulched the soil.

Know that strawberries will do good companionship with radishes, kohlrabi, spinach, kidney beans, onions, garlic, leeks ; besides these, and all the alliaceous will limit the multiplication of the molds to which the strawberries are sensitive.

To obtain strawberries in the first year, plant the strawberries in the fall (late August to early October), without burying the heart, spacing the feet 30 to 40 cm and keeping 50 cm between each row. They will be able to root properly throughout the winter since strawberries are not afraid of freezing anyway. However, ascending varieties and "four seasons" varieties can be planted in the spring (March-April) to take advantage of the land that is starting to warm up.

The best varieties of strawberries

The strawberry Gariguette

The Gariguette is the earliest strawberry, but it is not remounting. With its fruits that appear in early June, we like it for its very good taste. It is recognizable by its conical shape, its red-orange color and its soft, juicy and tangy flesh.

The strawberry Favette

The Favette has kidney-shaped fruits that are harvested in May or even in April in the South of France. It goes back only in fertile soils.

varieties of strawberries

Gorella strawberry

The Gorella matures late June early July. It is not reviving but it is very vigorous and productive, with a delicious taste that can vary from one year to another. She does not like limestone soils and the climate is too hot.

The strawberry Belrubi

The Belrubi produces large fruit in June, conical and elongated. Strawberries are sweet and firm, perfect for making jams or frozen. She is not going back. Be careful, it is sensitive to powdery mildew.

The strawberry Mara des Bois

The Mara des Bois is a growing variety that produces from late June to September, dark red berries, conical and elongated, with tender flesh and very particular taste of wild strawberry. It is ideal for the garden.

The strawberry Ostara

TheOstara is a very hardy climbing strawberry that will provide medium-sized fruits from June to frosts. The strawberries are quite round, mellow with a tangy taste. Be careful, she is afraid of drought.

The Rabunda strawberry

The Rabunda is a long time ago, it also produces fruits from June until the first frosts. Its fruits are quite big, the flesh is tender and very sweet. This strawberry tree is not afraid of heat, it is very productive and resists diseases.

Queen of the Valleys strawberry

The Queen of the Valleys belongs to the category "strawberries of the four seasons" with elongated berries very abundant and very fragrant. It is coming back from June to frosts. She will prefer to be a little in the shade.

Do not forget that the best varieties are summer and not spring!


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