6 Essential Actions For A Hedge That Grows Quickly And Well


1. A shot of shears

The hedge trimmerIt is convenient for long hedges that are often pruned. At first, it is better to use the shear, which allows the stems to branch out and therefore the hedge to thicken.
To know: to gain in thickness, better cut very short and let the alignment increase in width as you go, rather than letting the hedge take its width immediately and stick to it. You could create a hollow hedge, very sensitive to problems (dieback, loss of occultation, etc.). Use the hedge trimmer on hedges well installed and small leaves.

2. Regular weeding

A hedge left without care will see the grass grow at its feet and it will lose 50 cm, which is not good.
To know: it is especially at the end of winter that we must weed the foot of the hedge, before the growth of the grass. By starting, it sequesters nitrogen from the soil, which will be missed by the young hedge. Start again at the end of summer, at the liana hunt (ivy, bramble, bryone) who love this covered to settle.

3. Plant bare root

This is the best solution to create a hedge to deciduous leaves, from mid-November to mid-March. She is economic (from € 1 per meter of hedge) and plants grow fast because they have no choice but to adapt to the soil they are offered.
À know: bare rooted subjects must be pralines (The roots must be coated with praline, a kind of mud enriched with compost) and require morespray the first year.

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Potted planting, pruning, and canvas protection


1. Plant in motte

It is mandatory for coniferous and the plants à leaves evergreen, who can not stand to have roots in the air (boxwood is the exception that confirms the rule).
À know: in heavy earth, it will be necessary to unravel the mound with a claw à hand, to force the roots to explore the earth in the neighborhoods and not to confine them to the original mound, as if they had remained in pots.

2. A pruner

It takes longer to trim the hedge secateur, but if you only have a few meters to go, the rendering is incomparably better on shrubs to leaves wide (bower, palm laurel, hazel...). The shear as the hedge trimmer chop the big leaves and it shows well!
À know: the secateur also helps to help a young hedge to thicken, by shortening boughs which are lengthened too much and reduced to a length of 3 leaves only.

3. Mulch the floor with a cloth

This is not the most beautiful, certainly, but it's damn effective! Fewerspray, less weeds. Stretch the canvas and plant in incisions made in place, of sufficient width to pass the sod. The soil must be decompacted before laying but not necessarily weeded.
À know: the canvas lets the rain pass, but the strong waves sink on the textile. It is necessary to supplement the natural rains with a little watering during the first two summers. The ideal remains the canvas where the felt, biodegradable in a few years.

Video: How to use a hedge trimmer to cut and shape bushes.

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