Spiny Angelica, Aralia Spinosa


Thorny Angelica is an interesting shrub, both for its summer blooming and for its large, spicy leaves.

If there are many species (about 40), the maintenance remains fairly identical and easy in all cases.

In summary, what you need to know:

Name: Aralia spinosa
Family: Araliaceae
Type: Shrub

: 3 to 8 m
Exposure: Sunny
Ground: Ordinary

: Caduc
Flowering: July to August

Plantation of Thorny Angelica:

In the fall or spring but preferably in the fall to facilitate rooting well before winter.

  • Follow our advice planting shrubs.

Size of the spiny angelica:

No size is essential.

You can reduce or balance the antlers in early spring or fall after flowering.

To know about Thorny Angelica:

Thorny Angelica, also known as "Devil's Staff" or "Hercules Mace" is a shrub that can be adapted to most climates and almost any soil.

The flowering is not significant while the foliage offers a very nice variety of colors in the fall.

Smart tip about Thorny Angelica:

A mulching helps prevent weed growth and maintains summer moisture.

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