Arboretum Of ChĂȘne-Vert In Chabanais (16)

In 1977, between Charentes and Limousin, Jean-Louis Vignaud created the Arboretum du ChĂȘne-Vert in Chabanais. He transforms the three hectares of the family estate, hitherto dedicated to market gardening and pastures, into a place where he pursues his lush vegetal dream, from the granite hill to the silty banks of the Vienne.

Arboretum of ChĂȘne-Vert in Chabanais (16)

Because "life is short, and the legacy long," he has collected more than three thousand different species and varieties, from here or from far away, and continues to plant, in a sort of fury.

At your request, he will help you discover them. But the arboretum is also a place where it is good to drift with no other goal than to answer the call of a tree glimpsed in a ray of sun or that of the shade at the corner of a path.

The gardener's petition

The nose in the air or flush with the foam, you will undoubtedly discover plants that interest you, which you want to know the name, history. Do not hesitate to question us, we like answering questions and telling the arboretum.

Arboretum in Charente (16)

Similarly, if you want one or the other cutting, we will prepare it with pleasure (it is easier, with a pruner).

Thank you for staying in the aisles: everywhere else, grow plants that are not necessarily visible during your visit, or that look like "weeds", but that we like or protect. Some rabbits also nest, and some evil spirits may be hiding...

Practical information

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The Arboretum is open all year by appointment.

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