In the hunt, in the South, we do not distinguish between the thrush and the blackbird...

The blackbird (Turdus merula). It is a familiar garden bird: it is well recognized by its all-black plumage, its eye circled in yellow and its bright yellow beak. Measuring from 25 to 27 cm for a weight of 80 to 110 g, he can live up to 16 years.

All colors

  • Plumage entirely black in the male. The female is brown.
  • Eye circle and orange-yellow beak.
  • Paws and black fingers

His habitat

  • As a forest bird, he came to live in our cities in the 19th century. He lives there in parks and gardens.
  • Its natural habitat is made up of forests, woods, hedges, and in mountain, up to the limit of the trees.

His habits

  • He feeds on the ground where he mainly looks for earthworms. He returns the dead leaves to find insects. It likes spiders and slugs, but also feeds on berries and fruits.
  • In winter, he will appreciate that you make him the offering of apples, preferably cut in half.
  • He delimits his territory and disguises it rather aggressively. He often fights at the moment of reproduction.
  • He likes sunbathing. And to enjoy it, he lands on the ground and spreads his wings.

His singing

  • Melodious and sonorous, his singing composed of vocalises is one of the first to sound in the morning
  • In town, it happens to the blackbird to sing... even at night!

Do not confuse thrush

Do not confuse... The thrush

She is also a famous singer, although her song is less fluid, but more powerful than that of the blackbird. She feeds on snails and insects.

The little more

The phrase "looking for a blackbird" means looking for something that can not be found. And yet, the blackbird does exist. It's actually a blackbird... albino. Which is very unusual. Hence this expression to designate something rare.

Video: The Beatles - Blackbird.

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