Blue Palm Of Mexico


The blue palm of Mexico is a rustic tree and very ornamental.

Planting, maintaining and pruning will help you grow beautifully.

In summary, what you need to know:

Name: Brahea armata
Family: Aracaceae
Type: Tree

8 to 15 m
Climate: Hot
Exposure: Sunny
Ground: Well drained, sandy

: Persistent

Palm plantation:

Prefer a spring planting if the winter is cool in your area or you can plant it in the fall.

  • The blue palm plant in a mixture of earth, potting soil and river sand
  • Here are some tips on the technique of planting.

Size, maintenance of the palm tree:

No pruning is necessary but the palm tree loses its palms as it goes and they should be removed as they turn yellow.

  • Prune the damaged flippers
  • Protect the palm tree from the cold in winter in case of heavy frosts.

To know about the blue palm of Mexico:

This species is part of the family Brahea. It is extremely widespread and known for its resistance to low temperatures, up to -10°.

Brahea is also famous for being one of the most beautiful palms. It is cultivated for its beautiful almost blue crown of leaves.

This palm tree has a slow growth and it will take several years to reach a few meters.

As for the watering, it is necessary to water abundantly when the ground becomes dry in the event of strong heat.

Smart advice about this palm tree:

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Prefer watering in the evening to prevent the water from evaporating, it is a gesture for the environment!

Video: Mexican Blue Fan Palm in a Northern climate.

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