Botrytis, The Disease Of The Vines

Botrytis, the disease of the vines

Botrytis is a form of rot that develops in cold, wet weather. On the lookout for the slightest injury that can get him his entrance ticket, this mushroom is dangerous by the vivacity it shows to infect its prey.

It is recognized by the gray mold down which it covers the infected plants. This down is initially formed only small brown spots.
Its main victims are onions, lettuce, strawberries, bushberries, and vines.

To prevent the appearance of botrytis, some precautions should be taken:

  • Be careful that the plants are not too tight. Do not forget! The botrytis is a timely one that will have no qualms about taking advantage of a given opportunity to infect the whole vegetable garden by traveling from plant to plant.
  • Do not have too heavy a hand on the compost that keeps the moisture, a factor favorable to the growth of the mushroom.
  • Avoid as much as possible to wet the foliage.
  • Always to avoid excess humidity, prefer a morning watering.

If, however, botrytis succeeds in infecting your vegetable garden, it is always possible to engage the fight against this evil to try to get rid of it:

  • If a plant is affected, have no qualms about immediately removing the infected part, or even the whole plant, and burning it immediately.
  • Then stimulate the growth of young plants with nettle manure.
  • Water the soil with a horsetail decoction.

Video: Managing Botrytis in the vineyard.

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