The Bullfinch Peony

Bullfinch Peony

The use of pesticides and herbicides favors the decline of the bullfinch.

Bullfinch Peony (Pyrrhula pyrrhula). He will only come into your garden if he can retreat to a tree if needed. You will not be able to miss it because of its color. This stocky bird is 16 cm tall, weighs 26 to 38 g and lives for about 17 years.

All colors

  • Gray back.
  • Black mask from the chin to the nape of the neck.
  • Blackish beak short and powerful.
  • Tail and black wings with a clear band.
  • Breast and orange belly in the male, orange-gray in the female.

His habitat

  • It likes coniferous and deciduous forests, especially if the undergrowth is dense.
  • It is also found in orchards, parks, gardens, well-supplied hedges.

His habits

  • It is a timid, fearful and calm bird that lives in pairs or small groups.
  • His couple lasts all year.
  • It is mainly granivorous. It extracts seeds from conifers of conifers or alders thanks to its strong beak. It also feeds on the seeds of maple fruits, ash or birch.
  • In the spring, he likes to come to the orchards to feast on tender buds, which he shears with his beak. This obviously does not win him the friendship of arborists.
  • He hunts insects only to feed his young.
  • He feeds little on the ground but will come to the feeder in winter where he will look for sunflower seeds.

His singing

  • It is a rather plaintive and discreet babbling.

The little more

The Bullfinch Peony is a calm and peaceful bird, which deviates little from its wooded shelter. In winter, he approaches the feeders, he comes in small groups, preferably when there are no other birds, and does not fight with his fellow creatures.

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