Carnation Of India: Always The Effect!

carnation of india

The marigold is an annual offering very pretty flowers throughout the summer.

It is a plant that we also like to install in the garden to fight against aphids or nematodes.

Planting and maintenance are gestures that enhance flowering.

In summary, what you need to know:

Name: Tagetes
Family: Asteraceae
Type: Annual

: 20 to 90 cm
Exposure: Sunny
Ground: Ordinary

Flowering: May to September

Plantation of marigolds:

The planting is an important step because it is it that conditions the growth of the plant and the beautiful flowering of the marigold.

  • The plantation carnations purchased in container (pot sold in garden centers) is from months April-May.
    Mix the soil of your garden with special potted flowering plants and keep a distance of about 20-30 cm between each plant.
  • In sowing, perform a sowing under shelter from February March and transplant once in April before setting up in May.
  • Place your marigolds in the middle of your garden to fight against nematodes, near tomatoes or roses for fight against aphids

Size, maintenance of the marigold:

Easy to maintain, marigold is a plant that requires little care, especially when properly installed.

  • Remove the faded flowers as you go, it stimulates theappearance of new flowers.
  • Water in case of high heat or, for potted carnations of Indiaas soon as the earth is dry on the surface.

To know about the carnation of India:

Carnation of India: always the effect!: carnation

The marigold, which is not native to India but from Latin America, presents multiple varieties and as many shapes and colors.

It is a plant whose flowers bring a lot of presence thanks to their size, but also to the power of their color which contrasts with the green of their foliage or that of other plants in your garden.

Also use the marigold as a way to fight against many insects like the aphids where the whitefly.
Their strong smell is a natural repellent against these garden pests.

Tip about marigolds:

The marigold lends itself very well to the bouquet of flowers.

Just take some stems mixed with garden foliage and the effect is guaranteed!

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