Cat Hair In The House: 15 Cleaning Tips And Tricks

Unless you have a naked cat, all lucky owners of tomcats face this inconvenience: the hair spread all over their home! Fortunately, there are effective cleaning tips that are easy to do. Here is our selection of the best tips!

Cat hair in the house: 15 cleaning tips and tricks

The washcloth

A slightly dampened washcloth has the astonishing power to gather hairs in a heap: pass it over your textiles and sofas with a circular motion, a few minutes will be enough to collect them and you can then remove them by hand by handfuls.

The dishwashing glove

As well as the washcloth, the dishwashing or household rubber gloves have the ability to harvest spilled hairs. To clean carpets and rugs, this trick is particularly practical. You will then only have to pick up the balls of hair thus formed.

The self-adhesive brush

Specially designed for this purpose, the adhesive brush is the essential accessory for any pet owner. In the form of a roll with a handle and covered with sticky paper, it makes it possible to rid the clothes and textiles of the hairs that are attached to it. Refills are sold commercially at a low price, making it a durable and economical tool.

The electrostatic brush

This plastic brush, commercially available from € 10, is equipped with a velvet surface capable of removing hair left on any textile surface and in corners.

The suede brush

Brushes designed to clean suede surfaces (shoes, leather goods) are also effective against hair: to pass on your sheets, cushions and sofas, it allows to eliminate a good part even if you will have to finish the work at the vacuum.

The rubber brush

Equipped with rubber studs, this kind of brush is as useful for grooming your pet as for picking up his hair! However, it acts only on the surface, so its effect is not radical: it is better to combine its use with another brush or vacuuming afterwards.

The wet sponge

The trick of the wet sponge allows to take off the hairs taken in the tissues. Be careful not to wet it more than necessary, otherwise you will also wet the things to clean. A simple humidification is enough to gather the hairs by rubbing in circular motions.


This "trick" is little known and yet effective: just spray your clothing and fabric surfaces with a 50/50 blend of water and fabric softener. You will then be surprised to see the hairs come off easily by passing a soft cloth! In addition, it will leave a pleasant smell.

Tights and stockings

If you have tights or stockings, keep them for use as a "hair pick" on all your surfaces! Wrapped around your hand, they will reap them by rubbing.

The silicone broom

This silent vacuum cleaner makes cleaning carpets and carpets particularly efficient. Equipped with silicone pins, he picks up the hair lodged in the fibers.

The bathroom squeegee

Like the silicone broom, a squeegee with rubber edges removes hair by scraping, as the name suggests!

The vacuum cleaner

It may sound silly, but the vacuum cleaner remains your best ally in the fight against hair. By taking it daily rather than just sweeping, you will significantly reduce the amount of hair in your habitat.

Adaptable tips

To make your vacuum more efficient, consider acquiring one or more tips to remove dirt that accumulates in the recesses. In addition, some have more or less hard bristles, which is an interesting cleaning option for scratching while aspiring.

Condemn certain parts

Yes, the presence of kitty is not necessarily desirable in all rooms of the house, like the bedroom and the kitchen. Feel free to ban access to your cat whenever possible. This will prevent him from lying on your pillows and climbing on the tables.

Plastic covers

This last tip is full of common sense and very hygienic because it allows to limit upstream the presence of hair on surfaces where they are unwanted like the cushions that you store in your cabinets or your clothes.Plastic bags will also do the trick, plus their appearance and the noise they produce will have the advantage of making your cat run away!

Video: 15 Ways to Remove Cat Hair Around the House.

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