Ceanoth (Ceanothus), California Lilac

The ceanothe (ceanothus)

Also called California lilac, ceanothe is a shrub that seduces a lot for its beautiful bloom, as well as for its great ease of cultivation and maintenance. The ceanothe will bring a touch of freshness, as well as cheerfulness to the sad and dull corners of your garden.

The California lilac is 6 meters long and features a very rustic serrated foliage, shaped like a bush. Some varieties have persistent foliage. In the form of a cluster and blooming mainly in spring and summer, ceanothe flowers are particularly attracted by their sky-blue color, as well as their fresh scented smell.

  • Family: Rhamnacées
  • Type: perennial
  • Origin: California and Mexico
  • Color of the flower: sky blue
  • Height: 2 to 8 m
  • sowing: no
  • cutting: Yes
  • Planting: autumn, spring and winter for some varieties
  • Flowering: spring for persistent varieties and summer for others

Soil and ideal exposure to plant a California lilac in the garden

Very rustic, the ceanothe adapts to both sunny and shady places. For the type of soil, choose light and neutral terrain.

Planting date and cuttings of ceanothe

The cuttings of the ceanothe are done throughout the year except in summer.

California Lilac Care and Culture Council

The ceanothe just requires regular watering, as well as a dead branch size after flowering to maintain a harmonious shape.

Diseases, pests and parasites of ceanothes

Root rot, edible armillaries, fungus, caterpillars.

Location and favorable association of ceanothe

In decorative hedge, in rock gardens and garden, the California lilac is associated favorably with the syringe or the orange tree of Mexico for example.

For a ceanothe with persistent foliage, Ceanothus arboreus (up to 6 m tall, spring bloom), Ceanothus x 'Burkwoodii' (slow growth, summer bloom), Ceanothus thyrsiflorus 'Repens' (creeping) and all the hybrid Oceanic hybrids; for a ceanothe with deciduous foliage, opt for Ceanothus coeruleus 'Glory of Versailles'.

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