The Living Earth Center - Domaine De Raud (38)

At the foot of the Vercors, 50 km from Grenoble, there is, for over 20 years, a benchmark of ecology, in an exceptional natural heritage, the Trièves. This site will surprise you with its organic gardens which are in the middle of the forest.

The Living Earth Center - Domaine de Raud

We discover a real family vegetable garden of biodiversity, intimate space, source of well-being, health, and savings, which is needed by the times. A safe, simple and authentic value recently created for the happiness of all, visitors and gardeners.

Everything has been revisited, colors, smells, shapes and atmosphere because for the creators of this place, redraw a garden is like changing the decor of a house. Vegetables that coexist with loads of flowers and aromatics give the gardens an exhilarating charm. All senses are awake, the colors are explosive and intoxicating smells... when to taste... it would not be much to give in to the temptation to eat fruit or vegetables scented and sun-drenched!

Composter of the living earth garden

In addition, the pleasure of the eyes is not left out since the whole is framed by a landscape of mountains, Mont Aiguille, Obiou, Grand-Ferrand, as well as by a pine forest which covers the flanks of the valley.

This vegetable garden, exemplary natural, will awaken the senses and sign the return of food in the garden, a hot topic!

At the Living Earth Center, there is also "The Clever Garden", a real laboratory where tests and tests are conducted. Here, gardening techniques are experimented by the gardeners of the Center. Conducted in partnership with professionals, researchers, subscribers to the 4 Seasons organic garden, these tests are aimed at improving the knowledge and practices for a 100% ecological garden.

Practical information

Living Earth-Domaine de Raud
38710 MENS
Phone: 04 76 34 80 80
E-mail: [email protected]
Website: //

Opening: May 1st to August 31st

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