Ecomuseum Of Hannonville-Sous-Les-C么tes - Meuse (55)

Created in 1976 on the initiative of the commune of Hannonville-sous-les-C么tes and the Regional Natural Park of Lorraine, the House of the Arts and Rural Traditions is today property of the community of communes of Fresnes in Wo毛vre.

Ecomuseum of Hannonville-sous-les-C么tes - Meuse (55)

For over 20 years, the Ecomuseum Association of Hannonville, with 60 volunteers, manages and animates the premises. Today, 3 technicians with multidisciplinary skills (educational engineering, creation and management of a garden, landscaping, animation) develop the project of the association on the technical and traditional know-how (architecture of the Lorraine village), the knowledge of the C么tes de Meuse landscape and ecological management of the Lorraine garden. Nearly 3,000 people, from schools to well-ventilated centers, to the general public, are affected by this action program.

Garden of the Ecomuseum of Hannonville

The Association therefore has a garden which is a space of practical ecology and whose final objective is to raise awareness and educate the Lorrainers and visitors of the Ecomuseum to gardening techniques respectful of our environment, by acting with institutional partners and local actors of sustainable development.

There are several modes of action in the garden:

  • Pedagogical: adapting to different audiences (schools, centers, adults "individual" and "group", families).
  • Educational: the proposed installations and interpretations allow the different visitors to reflect on their behavior and adopt a more eco-friendly attitude.
  • Demonstrative: the garden integrates different demonstration spaces with regard to the various uses possible for mulching, plant manure, composting...
  • Experimental: it has a test space devoted to "testing" gardening. To complete these experiences, explanations are given and interpreted.
  • Conservatory: varieties of old and local plants are valued within the garden part but also in the perennial massifs.


Different themes are treated there. Each theme is interpreted to provide information in the form of questions, games, observation, manipulation:

  • Soil knowledge, waste management (composting, mulching),
  • Water management (recovery of rainwater, cleaning crops, false seeding or local species, soil cover or mulching),
  • Fertilization of soil and plants (compost, manure, crop rotation, plant manure),
  • Conservation of old or threatened varieties (plants of our grandmothers, messicultural plants, oleaginous plants) in connection with the installation of a 19th century oil mill which presents a workshop demonstrating the pressing of oilseeds.
  • Biodiversity protection (country hedge, insect spiral, pond, flowering meadow, dead tree, mammal breeding sites, birdhouses, dry stone walls, sand piles...)

Useful information:

Ecomuseum Association of Hannonville
87, rue Chaude
55210 Hannonville-sous-les-C么tes

Tel: 03 29 87 32 94
E-mail: [email protected]
Site: //

Opening conditions 2017:

  • From July 8 to September 3: free visit every day
  • Week, from 10h to 12h and from 14h to 18h

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