Euryops: Savannah Marguerite


The daisy of Savane is part of the great Asteraceae family.

It offers a pretty bloom from spring to summer and poses no problem in terms of maintenance.

In summary, what you need to know:

Name: Euryops
Family: Asteraceae
Type: Perennial shrub

: 1 m
Exposure: Sunny
Ground: ordinary, drained

: Persistent
Flowering: March to November

Planting of the euryops:

Plant the euryops, the savannah daisy:

In the fall or spring in a light and rather rich soil to optimize the pretty flowering.

Prefer a place sunny and protected from the winter wind, you will then prolong the flowering.

Multiplication of the euryops, the savannah daisy:

You can simply performed a seedling directly in the ground or by cuttings in spring.

Size, maintenance of the euryops:

Fold down slightly after flowering to restore vigor to the plant.

Wintering of the savannah daisy:

If it freezes in your area, prefer a potted crop so you can return it in winter to a cool place but sheltered from frost and bright enough.

Elsewhere, you can leave them in the ground.

To know about the euryops:

The Euryops or Savannah Marguerite has the great advantage of blooming most of the year.

As a sub-shrub, it is bushy and offers a compact and generous flowering.

Easy to grow, it requires almost no maintenance and also finds its place in massive, that border or in hotpot.

Smart tip about Savannah daisy:

The variety Euryops Pectinatus can bloom all year long!

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