The False Ceiling, An Original Solution In Many Cases

The false ceiling is the ideal solution in the case of a home renovation. It allows to refurbish the old ceiling of a room without having to resort to heavy work. Its purely aesthetic function is complemented by others equally important such as reducing the volume to heat a room, hide unsightly cables or to participate in a better insulation of the house.

The false ceiling, an original solution in many cases

What is the purpose of a false ceiling?

A false ceiling is a generally metallic type of structure that is fixed on an existing ceiling. It is completely independent of the floor of the upper floor. A false ceiling has many advantages. Aesthetic first, but also practical. A quick tour of the different features of a false ceiling:

Reduce the height of a room

A false ceiling can be used to slightly reduce the volume of a room. Appreciated especially in renovation in rooms with high ceilings, it reduces them and thus reduce the volume to heat and save energy.

Hide the defects of an old ceiling

When it comes to renovation, a false ceiling makes it possible to build a room at a lower cost if the old ceiling is damaged or has too many defects. The false ceiling does not require to undertake major work.

Improve the thermal and sound insulation of a room

The materials used for false ceilings have most of the time insulating properties both thermal and phonic. They contribute to making the rooms of the house more comfortable, especially since they are completely separated from the upper floors.

Hide cables

A false ceiling has a significant aesthetic role. It can easily hide cables or electrical wires so unsightly in a house, without having to bleed in the walls. The vacuum between the false ceiling and the original one (called "plenum") also facilitates the installation of lighting such as LEDs or light strips for example.

Different models of false ceilings

The suspended false ceiling

Easy to install and cheaper than its counterpart the suspended false ceiling, the suspended suspended ceiling is the one that wins the most votes. As the name suggests, it is suspended from the old ceiling. It is put in place thanks to rails fixed to the wall, at the desired height, and in which are inserted some sorts of cables or hooks which are equipped with the false ceilings.

The false suspended ceiling can be made of PVC, plaster (often in the form of slabs), cork, siding, metal or brick with ceilings in terracotta or ceramic. It is possible to drill to include lighting for example.

Once installed, it leaves room for an empty space between the original ceiling and its structure which allows in particular to pass electrical cables or install an insulating material.

false ceiling stretched

The suspended false ceiling

A false suspended ceiling is provided to perfectly adapt to the dimensions of your room. It is indeed composed of a thermo-expandable plastic fabric cut precisely according to the angles and measurements of the existing ceiling and the room. This canvas is stiffened before its installation, which is done at the desired height using fasteners on aluminum profiles installed on the walls and leaving at least 2.5 cm of vacuum compared to the original ceiling. The suspended false ceiling is quite difficult to install. Its installation by professionals is recommended, even essential.

This type of false ceiling offers a very wide choice of colors or patterns to adapt to your style of decoration. With its different finishes (matte, mirror, lacquered, satin, printed, etc.), the suspended false ceiling brings a design and trendy touch to your home.

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