International Festival Of Chaumont Gardens 2014: "Capital Fishery Garden"

Garden Festival 2014

The 23rd edition of the International Garden Festival will take place from April 25 to October 19, 2014, on the theme: "Capital Fishery Garden"

The gardens, therefore, will normally evoke both the transgressions and outrages of our time and the free and light universe of eternal gardens. Fragrance heady, vegetable daring, diverse and varied excess, the obverse and reverse of those "caught" venial or major of yesterday and today will be discussed with subtlety.

With this theme where sulfur and balm are never far away, the imagination of the garden designers of the 2014 edition should lead to suggestive creations and full of humor, no?!...

And still to discover, next to the Festival, the Valley of the Mists, the vegetable garden, the educational garden and interstitial gardens with their permanent experimental gardens changes with the seasons. Not to mention the Parc des Prés du Goualoup (10 hectares) and its perennial gardens linked to major civilizations.

The castle, its landscaped park and the Arts and Nature Center are also a good complement to your day!

Written by Nathalie on the 15/11/2013

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