The Floral Park Of La Foltière In Haute Bretagne (35)

Created in 1847, this 25-hectare park offers a dream landscape for botanists and poets through 21 theme gardens on 25 hectares. These gardens are full of an astonishing collection of plants, a great diversity of plants from all the temperate lands. They are inspired by poems, travel souvenirs or even the history of the gardens from where the great change of scenery they provide by the perfumes, the moods, the colors, by the songs of the waterfalls, birds and frogs that 'We find there.

The floral park of La Foltière in Haute Bretagne (35)

It is, also, a fantastic botanical universe for children who discover a prehistoric garden and its tyrannosaurus, 3 labyrinths and the minotaur, the den of carnivorous plants after a crossing on a large suspension bridge...


From the alley of white pearls, we cross the entrance gate of the Floral Park of Haute Bretagne to arrive at the Garden of Thousand and One Nights which solicits all our senses. The ancient city is accessed by a passage hidden behind cypresses, there on the backdrop of grass paths, we discover classical columns adorned with climbing roses and an odeon planted with irises. Further on, a minotaur emerges from a labyrinth of camellias, to the surprise of the children, and one arrives in a grove of bamboos.

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The visit continues to the Secret Garden with two terraces and a lotus flower basin above which rise three pyramids lined with dwarf bamboos. The alley of ancient roses leads to the valley of poets. The walk opens onto a pond and then crosses the new garden of exotic perfumes, lined with perennials with many shades of blue. Then, the Garden of Starry Nights, awaits us before discovering five hectares of new gardens. The walk ends with the garden of the setting sun, mirror of the northern facade of the castle and the new Prehistoric Garden that evokes the history of plants from the origins of the world to the present day.

Practical information

Castle of the Foltière
Tel.: 02 99 95 48 32
E-mail: [email protected]

Open from March 1st to November 15th, every day:

  • July and August and every Sunday, holidays from April to the end of September: from 10:30 to 18:30.
  • April, May, June and September: from 11h to 18h.
  • March, October and November: from 14h to 17h30.

Annual closing from November 16th to February 28th (except the garden center open all year)

Video: le parc du thabor- rennes.wmv.

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