Fortunella Margarita: Care Instructions

fortunella margarita

Fortunella margarita is a citrus fruit, also called kumquat, whose pretty fruits are eaten with the skin.

Planting and repotting, maintenance, watering and pruning are all actions that will help you to have a beautiful Fortunella margarita.

Name: Fortunella margarita
Family: Rutaceae
Foliage: Persistent

Height: 2 to 4 m
Exposure: Sunny
Harvest: November to January


Plant and repot a fortunella margarita:

Planting the fortunella in pot:

It is recommended plant the fortunella margarita in a mixture of soil preferably enriched with a fertilizer.

  • The pot must imperatively be hole in the bottom to prevent the roots from stagnating in the water.

The ideal and put in the bottom of the pot a layer of gravel, clay balls or pebbles to be certain that the excess water is drained well to the bottom.
Allow a layer of 3 to 4 cm.

Plan a potting in a slightly larger diameter pot every 2 to 3 years.

  • Repotting takes place in spring or late summer.
  • Follow our advice for to repot your fortunella margarita

Planting Fortunella in the garden:

It will only grow in the ground in regions with Mediterranean or tropical climate.
If it can withstand rising temperatures up to -8 see -10°it will necessarily have to be planted atshelter from the wind and in full sun.

In this case, mix your garden soil with potting soil and make sure that your soil is well drained.
If not, dig a hole a little deeper and put in a layer of pebbles, gravel, sand or clay balls.

  • Multiplication of the fortunella margarita by layering.

Size, maintenance of the fortunella margarita:

No size is really necessary.

To rebalance the silhouette of Fortunella margarita, prune slightly in the spring after harvest or after potting if potted.

You will be able bring citrus fertilizer during the whole growth phase.

In winterif you are afraid of strong frosts and that it is in pot, enter it in a cool and bright room but where he can not freeze.
If the fortunella margarita is resistant to negative temperatures, its fruits will fall from the first frost.

Watering fortunella margarita:

Indoors, water regularly, but without excess as soon as the soil is dry.

In winter, space a little more watering in order to let the earth dry deep between 2 waterings.

To know about the fortunella margarita:


Fortunella margarita is a small fruit tree that gives edible fruits and whose entirety is edible.
We lack the flesh but also the skin of kumquat.

Inside and in potsyou will install it in a bright place, but avoiding the sun in the hottest hours.

In winter it needs a certain freshness and will not withstand the heat of a house or an apartment. Find him a bright room where the temperature will not fall below 0°.

Diseases, parasites of Fortunella margarita:

  • Mealybugs, whitish down on foliage: how to fight?

Tip about the fortunella margarita:

Regular intake of a citrus fertilizer will improve flowering and fruiting of your fortunella margarita.

  • Focus on citrus

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