Royal Fern, Osmonde


Name: Osmunda regalis
Family: Osmondaceae
Type: Fern, perennial

1.5 m
Exposure: Partial shadow
Ground: Rather humid

: Caduc
Flowering: Any

Plantation of the royal fern, osmonde:

Spring or autumn.
Water abundantly after planting your Royal Osmonde.

Multiplication by division of the tuft in the spring.

Size of the royal fern, osmonde:

No size is needed

To know about the royal fern, osmonde:

This fern presents a majestic aspect by its size but also by its lightness.
It is ideal for shady and humid areas where the light green of its foliage will brighten up your beds.

Smart advice about the royal fern, osmonde:

Keep the soil moist during the summer heat

Video: Entire Osmond Family Show With Leif Garrett - Royal Command Performance.

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