The Gardens Of Grand Courtoiseau - Loiret (45)



The Gardens of Grand Courtoiseau - Loiret (45)

These gardens were created by imagining their original appearance thanks to the great talent of the landscaper Alain Richert. In 1991, ten gardens, all more different than each other, were born: "The Garden of Fauna, The Park, The Italian Garden, The Exotic Garden, The Garden of the Wolf, The Undergrowth, The Garden of the Well, The avenue of linden trees, The garden of the antique and the garden of the fruiters ".

The first structural works gave way over time to the plantations which gave a relief and a very specific spirit to each of these gardens. The dominant colors of this creation were pink, yellow and blue tinged with white to nuance the whole and embellished with colored foliage. Three of the five senses were privileged during this implementation namely the sight, thanks to the colors and the perspectives which are offered to us, the hearing constantly solicited by the melody of the ponds and fountains and finally the smell always in awakening with the aromas of omnipresent fragrant plants.

The ten gardens evoked above are full of riches so much that they alone represent all that exists in terms of garden that it is by their style, their atmosphere, the multitudes of varieties of flowers, shrubs, plants and trees that one can hope to find in such a visit. All you have to do is discover them on site for your greatest satisfaction.

Practical information

The Gardens of Grand Courtoiseau
Location Le Grand Courtoiseau
Phone: 06 80 24 10 83
E-mail: [email protected]

For individuals, free visit from 14:30 to 18:00 from April 15 to October 15 from Thursday to Monday inclusive, and all holidays.


Video: Le Grand Courtoiseau - Triguères - Historique par Claude Martin - EPONA - JEP 2013.


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