The Goldcrest


The goldcrest is so small that it sometimes gets entangled in cobwebs!

The Goldcrest (Regulus regulus). He is really small. It is also one of the smallest birds in Europe: it measures about 9 cm and weighs only 5 to 7 g. Its longevity is 7 years.

All colors

  • Olive back.
  • White-beige belly.
  • On the head, diadem of orange feathers in the male, yellow in the female, framed by two black lines.
  • Black and pointed beak.
  • Eye circled in white.

His habitat

  • Large evergreens (especially spruce) are the preferred habitat for the Goldcrest. But it is also found in large gardens and parks with fir trees, larches, pines...
  • Hardwoods and shrubs can also shelter it during migrations.

His habits

  • It's a hyperactive! He is always in motion, fluttering in search of his pittance.
  • It is not very visible because of its small size, but also because it leaves little the tree in which it settled.
  • During the courtship, the male raises his hoopoe.
  • It feeds on insects which it searches in the foliage and the crevices of the bark of the trees. He often looks upside down, a position that his powerful fingers allow him. He also eats spiders.
  • It consumes few seeds, and eats the ones it finds on the ground. He can come and eat in the gardens in winter.

His singing

  • His song and his cry are very acute, to the point of being sometimes inaudible for some people.

The little more

If the Goldcrest is as active and febrile in its search for food, it is because it has big needs. Indeed, he must consume every day the equivalent of his weight in food, that is to say up to 7 g. This represents a lot of small insects and spiders!

Video: The Goldcrest and its call.

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