The Magpie

Magpie magpie

A magpie: beware of your forgotten jewels on the table in front of the open window!

The magpie (Pica pica) is a corvid of 46 to 50 cm and 140 to 250 g. It populates our cities as well as our countryside. It is a curious bird, smart and cheeky who can live more than 15 years.

All colors

  • Plumage black and white.
  • Iridescent blue-green reflections on wings and tail.
  • Beak, paws and black fingers.
  • Brown eyes.

His habitat

  • Its natural habitat is rural: agricultural areas, wooded areas, groves.
  • The transformation of agricultural landscapes has pushed her towards our cities, where she appreciates the shelters provided by parks and gardens.

His habits

  • In the country, whenever possible, she pecks the parasites in the coat of the cattle.
  • She looks for insects, worms, slugs, pacing the ground with her steep gait.
  • It also feeds on fruits, seeds, and sometimes goes to eat the eggs of other species, when they are not also the chicks!
  • It is a bird cleaner that can delight the corpses of aminals victims of automobiles...
  • In the city, it does not disdain the debris of humais, evantrating the trash bags, as crows do.
  • Thief, she loves everything that shines!

His singing

  • We can not say that she sings: she chatters.
  • His cry is nasal and sonorous. It's a noisy bird.

do not confuse the blue magpie

Do not confuse... The blue magpie

Common in Asia, she also lives in Spain and Portugal. It is smaller than our magpie (35 cm) and also lives in bands, in clear woodlots.

The little more

Like the raven, the magpie, very intelligent, has good learning and adaptation skills. She can show empathy towards her fellow creatures and self-awareness. Experiments have shown that she is able to recognize herself in a mirror

Video: Magpie - The Unthanks - LYRICS.

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