New Bosch Rotak Lawn Mowers


With the "Ergoflex" system handle, Bosch brings a decisive added value to its Rotak lawn mowers.

This new handle makes mowers even more manoeuvrable and reduces tension on the user's arms and back.

The multi-position handle offers a grip in the hands of the mower in a spontaneous and natural way. Gardeners can mow while keeping a good posture. Their muscles, tendons and joints suffer much less tension.

Mowing the grass becomes a pleasant moment!

Multi-position handle

The multi-position "softgrip" handle offers a perfect grip for right-handed and left-handed users with a multitude of possibilities.

Up to 8 different positions are possible: either both hands, or only one, or horizontally, or vertically etc.

Right back and loose muscles

Rotak Bosch mowers

The angle of the handles relative to the frame of the mower has been determined so that the arms and the hands of the user bend only very slightly. The position thus taken very naturally then reduces joint and muscle tension and ensures optimal thrust of the mower by effortless traction. Mowing is facilitated especially in confined spaces, during changes of direction or on slopes. With these new Rotak Bosch mowers with the "Ergoflex" system, it is even possible to mow the grass with one hand on very tight curves - around a tree, for example.

The new Bosch Rotak models equipped with the "Ergoflex" system are the the world's first mowers with the AGR label (Aktion Gesunder Rücken e.V.), a German institute working for back health. Some German car manufacturers have this certification for the seats of vehicles. The ergonomics of the new Rotak Bosch mowers has been reviewed and validated by a panel of independent medical and scientific experts. This label comes to comfort the user in his choice during the act of purchase but also and especially, during the use of Rotak mowers.

Complementary and very advantageous product characteristics

The new Rotak Bosch mowers with the "Ergoflex" system benefit from the same technical advantages that have made the success of their elders since 2007:

  • a patented grass guide system that mowers the lawn impeccably along walls and flower beds in a single pass.
  • Rotak mowers are also very light and easy to start with a simple push of a button.
  • Finally, they are silent.

Depending on the surface of the lawn and the state of the ground, users can choose from different models (cutting width, power, grass catcher capacity) in the range of wired or wireless mowers with Lithium-Ion technology.

The new Rotak Bosch models with "Ergoflex" system are available in DIY, gardening and some internet sites.

Video: Bosch Rotak 37-36 Li Ergo Cordless Lawnmower Real Life Review.

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