Plant Massive Kniphofias

orange kniphofia in bloom in a massive

For a long time these brightly colored perennials had trouble finding their place in the garden. But today, they emerge in our mountains where they bloom all summer.

Where to plant kniphofias?

To avoid any visual saturation effect, avoid planting near very colorful flowers (delphiniums, rudbeckias, etc.). On the contrary, use kniphofias to massive grasses in shades of green and brown or sparkle a massive too green.

Which colors to choose?

If classic varieties mix red and yellow, the palette has been enriched with more nuanced shades, such as yellow-green or light orange. Next to the giants that can exceed 2 m at the time of flowering, others ceiling on the contrary to 60 cm, which makes them easier to place in solid mass.

Good care for kniphofias

To see them bloom in abundance, give them a rich and fresh land. Do not skimp on the use of compost or slow-release fertilizer in poor soil. But if your soil is dry and lean, avoid cultivating them because they will disappoint you. Try to plant agastaches instead.

How to plant kniphofias in 6 steps

planting kniphofias

1 - Make a hole big enough to house the bucketbut not too deep not to bury the neck.
2 - Take the subject out of its pot: the roots are very abundant in these plants, a sign of their voracity.
3 - Untangle them without using tools because they are fragile. The disentangling facilitates and accelerates the recovery.
4 -Enrich the planting hole with a generous amount of ripe compostto mix with the earth.
5 -Rebunch the hole by gently tamping with your hands to secure the plant vertically.
6 -Arrosse by drowning the watering bowl arranged around the foot. Then bring a mulch, compost half-mature, for example, or grass clippings.

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