Pouzzolane, The Decorative Mulch

deco pozzolana

Pozzolan is a mineral mulch of volcanic origin that is both very decorative and very long lasting.

He is very appreciated for his red-brown color, changing with the rain and the sun. (Photo: © hcast)

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Advantage and use of pozzolan:

Purple brown and very stable over the years, this mulch is ideal for all the massive: Trees, shrubs, green and flowering plants, indoor and outdoor.

  • Extremely decorative mulch
  • Durable: unalterable, incombustible, rotproof and resistant to all climatic hazards (rain, wind, etc...)
  • ph neutral.
  • Saves watering by limiting evaporation.
  • Avoid the growth of weeds.
  • Protects against freezing

Thanks to all these advantages, you will stimulate the root development and therefore the growth of your plants.

You will also enjoy a more abundant flowering and an even more beautiful garden!

Pozzolan also has another use, that of serving as a drainage layer at the bottom of pots.

Finally, it can be used in certain substrates, such as for bonsai and cactus, for your seedlings and cuttings to lighten the soil and for yourorchidsbut on condition of being able to pound it before.

Smart tip about pozzolana:

Pouzzolane, the decorative mulch: pouzzolane

Pozzolana has a lot of interest but not that of fertilizing the soil.

As a sub-layer, you can put a layer of cocoa hulls and you will enjoy all the benefits!

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