Rodgersia (Rodgersia Spp.), Blooms Under Trees

Rodgersia is a rhizomatous perennial forming an opulent and vigorous clump. She appreciates the freshness of the undergrowth and fresh coppice as well as the edge of the streams with trees.

Rodgersia (Rodgersia spp.), Blooms under trees

Its petiolate leaves are large (up to 1 m), pinnate or webbed depending on the species, becoming bronze to red when autumn arrives.

Its apetalous star-shaped flowers, white or pink, are less than 1 cm in diameter, they form downy pyramidal panicles, up to 50 cm in height, particularly remarkable during the summer.

Fruits in brown or dark red capsules follow the flowers.

It is very resistant to winter frosts but beware of late frosts on young tender leaves.

  • Family: Saxifragaceae
  • Type: perennial
  • Origin: Japan, China, Korea, Brimania
  • Color: white, pink flowers
  • Sowing: yes
  • Cutting: no
  • Planting: spring
  • Flowering: July and August
  • Height: up to 1.5 m depending on the species

Ideal floor and exposure for the Rodgersia

The Rodgersia is grown in partial shade, with no direct sun in humus soil, preferably fresh and acidic.

Date of sowing, division and planting of Rodgersia

Potted seedlings under cold frames are made in April while the tussock division begins in March.

Spring is the ideal planting period keeping 1m between each foot.

Board of maintenance and culture of Rodgersia

You will need to water during the summer so that the Rodgersia is in a sufficiently humic environment, and mulch the soil. Remove the faded flowers.

Diseases, pests and parasites of Rodgersia

Slugs like to feed on Rodgersia.

Location and favorable association of Rodgersia

It is a plant grown at the edge of a pond or stream, in undergrowth or in heathergrass, but it will not be appreciated in pots.

There are a few species among which Rodgersia aesculifolia which can reach 1.5 m with its chestnut leaves with brown-red veins, Rodgersia podophylla with creamy yellow flowers and bronze leaves becoming green, Rodgersia pinnata with white, pink or red flowers, Rodgersia sambucifolia (1m) with leaves cut like elder leaves...

(photo credit: Leonora (Ellie) Enking - CC BY-SA 2.0)

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