Rosier Annapurna: Irresistible


The Annapurna rosebush is one of the most famous but also a highly rewarded rosebush.

Its large white flowers, bushy habit, vigor and long bloom make it irresistible.

In summary, what you need to know:

Name: Annapurna dorblan
Family: Rose bush
Type: Rosier

: 80 to 100 cm
Exposure: Sunny and half-shade

: ordinary

Annapurna rose planting:

Find our card for plant a rose bush

Perfume of the rose bush annapurna:

Shades of violets

To know about the Annapurna rose:

The Annapurna rose is currently one of the best-selling and most rewarded rosebushes.

It is recognizable by its erect stem, its elongated knob and its particularly turbinate flower of a pure white of about 10 cm in diameter.

Annapurna is quite hardy and therefore resistant to diseases.

Smart advice on this rose:

During the winter, a neutral pH mulch such as flax mulch or hemp is recommended to protect it from the cold.

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