Shiso (Perilla Frutescens Var Crispa), Nankin'S Perry

Shiso (perilla frutescens var crispa), Nankin's perry

The perilla is a bushy annual from Asia, which does not support frost. Its downy leaves, oval and pointed, fringed edge are dark purple, dark bronze or dark green or variegated. The foliage is very decorative in a massif which is the interest of this plant. There are purple leaf shiso and green leaf shiso. The flowers, very small, develop in spikes but are of no interest except for the bees since they are very melliferous.

Here it is called "shiso" which is nothing but the phonetic translation of its Japanese name. In this country, the plant is extremely precious, almost sacred: food and aromatic use, medicinal (antiallergic, against asthma, cough...) and ornamental, it is in all gardens. Purple shiso served as a food coloring.

The aroma of the leaves is between anise and lemon balm with a hint of cinnamon but another variety, more peppery, is closer to mint and basil. They are used raw to flavor salads and raw vegetables, or cooked to decorate a fish or enhance the taste of a dish of rice or vegetables. An oil rich in omega 3 is also extracted.

  • Family: Labiaceae
  • Type: annual
  • Origin: East Asia (Himalayas, China, Japan)
  • Color: white flowers
  • Sowing: yes
  • Cutting: no
  • Plantation: May
  • Flowering: autumn
  • Height: about 80 cm

Soil and ideal exposure to plant a shiso in the garden

Shiso is planted in full sun or partial shade, in a cool, well-drained and rich soil.

Date of sowing and planting of shiso

Sowing is done in the spring. You will transplant before planting in May.

Board of maintenance and culture of shiso

For the plant to bush properly, you will be able to pinch the ends of the shoots.

Harvesting, conservation and use of shiso

Gather the leaves as you need them during the summer.

Diseases, pests and parasites of shiso

No known enemies besides slugs and snails that can also appreciate its taste!

Location and favorable association of shiso

It is a plant that is grown in the garden, garden or pot on a terrace.

The most common is Perilla frutescens var. crispa purpurea which is the "true shiso" purple marked on all its parts (stem, leaves and flowers) but there is also the Perilla frutescens var. crispa viridis, which is the current consumption shiso, with purple stems, green leaves and white flowers.

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