Shoe Storage: 5 Diverted Objects Ideas To Put Away

The storage of shoes is often a real headache especially for a family with children! Shoes that hang in the entrance, on the stairs or stacked in a room are not the best effect in a house.

And not easy to find your favorite pair of shoes when their storage is not a minimum thought. Of course, specialty stores are full of storage furniture for shoes, but with a little imagination and recovery material or diverted, you will make your own storage space for your shoes as practical as aesthetic. 5 diverted objects ideas to store your shoes.

Store shoes in PVC tubes

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PVC tubes "range shoes"

Simple PVC tubes, most of the time used for plumbing work, bought in DIY stores at minimal prices, will make storage space for shoes very practical and customizable at will, once assembled between them. Depending on the diameter of the PVC tubes, you will store a pair of shoes or a single shoe per tube.

You will get a large storage space for shoes by fixing these tubes of PVC to the wall to finally achieve a beautiful geometric shape that will help to give a style to your decor. PVC pipes can also be glued together and placed on the floor. Finally surround them with a beautiful strap that will have two functions: on the one hand to give a decorative side to your pyramid of PVC tubes, and secondly to be able to move easily your shoe storage.

The advantage of this material diverted from its original function is that you can make a storage for shoes very precisely adapted to the dimensions of the space you want to dedicate to shoes: you can add in height, as in width, as many PVC tubes that you want.

Storing your shoes with shelves in wooden pallet

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Wooden pallets for a shoe rack

The raw look of wooden pallets is very trendy. A pallet simply attached to the wall will make an ideal storage for shoes, especially since each groove seems to have been designed specifically to receive them! Depending on your tastes, you can leave the palette in rough wood or paint it to harmonize it with your decoration.

You will find very easily unused wooden pallets in industrial or commercial areas, in supermarkets, hypermarkets, on the markets but also on building sites like those of home construction. If this is not the case, you can buy it at a lower price in DIY stores.

Classic storage boxes

What's better than the boxes in which the shoes were originally sold to better organize their storage in the house? Get the ones that are the least damaged and customize them according to your tastes while giving them a very practical side. For example, you can stick a photo of your pair of shoes on its own storage box. Place the boxes and personalized on shelves and you will get a nice "wall" of storage for shoes well sorted.

Transparent plastic storage boxes, more often used to sort small DIY tools or to put away clothes that are out of season for example, can also be diverted to become very practical storage for shoes.

Buckets... to put down his shoes

Pretty buckets, colored or not, that you will find in all the gardening or decoration shops, will make very elegant and especially unusual arrangements to sort and not to let drag the shoes of the family in the house. These buckets, placed on shelves or placed directly on the ground, will particularly welcome children's shoes such as their slippers, their tennis shoes or their summer sandals. The buckets thus diverted can be personalized and assigned to a particular child for example by hanging a label bearing his name.

Fruit or wine boxes, perfect storage for shoes

Wooden crates originally intended to carry bottles of wine, recovered to the right and left, will make a shoe storage convenient but also very decorative. You can assemble these wooden boxes together with a glue point to form a small shoe cabinet that you place easily in your entry or in another room of the house.The fruit boxes that you will find in the grocery stores will also turn into practical shoe racks if you attach them to the wall. You can customize them by painting them in a different color per person.

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