Name: Koelreuteria paniculata
Family: Sapindaceae
Type: Tree

: 6 to 8 m
Exposure: Sunny
Ground: Ordinary

: Caduc
Flowering: June to July

Plantation of the soap maker:

Indifferently, in the fall or spring.

Multiplication by root cuttings in spring.

Savory size:

No size is needed.

Comments on the soap maker:

The soap is a beautiful tree, both small and original.
In addition to its yellow flowering which is beautiful, appear in the fall of large yellow capsules that remain on the tree until the following spring.

It is easy to maintain but it will not be surprising the low longevity of soap.

Smart tip about the soap maker:

Its relatively slow growth and low height make it the ideal tree for small gardens.

Video: L'artisan savonnier.

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